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I have had two hip replacement surgeries done with Mr Conroy and treated with great respect and talked through everything. I couldn’t walk I had been in a wheelchair for a year before one of my hips was replaced. I had the first hip replacement done and made a fantastic recovery and I have never suffered any pain from day one on the replaced hip. I had to wait for my next a long time because I was over weight but it was my surgery and government that held this up. Once I got to see Mr Conroy again I was put on his emergency list because my second hip was bone on bone and I was it terrible terrible pain with it. I was done with in three months and yet again treated with great respect and again a great success. Recovery was again amazing and pain free. Mr Conroy is one amazing surgeon who teats is patients really really respectfully and he’s always so pleasant. Before my hip replacements I had both knees replaced and really wish Mr Conroy had done both of them!


I would just like to say a very big thank you to you and all the team at Nuffield Leeds for my successful Total Hip Replacement operation which you performed earlier this week.

Waiting all these months has been very challenging, even though understandable given the havoc wreaked by Cov19, and I do hope you will now be able to help all the others who find themselves in similar circumstances.

I am and will remain a very willing advocate for your surgical skill, expertise and approachable demeanour.


Today marks the two month anniversary of my double hip replacement and the spectacular progress of getting my life back on track. For me the operation has been a life changer and the success has to be accredited to the skill and professionalism shown by yourself and your excellent team. I now visit the gym on a regular basis, walk normally without being in severe pain, join in with family activities, am able to work and much to my wife’s relief have regained my humour and positive attitude, a far cry from the person you first met.

I would advise anyone suffering with hip problems not to hesitate having the procedure. After being ignored and fobbed off by the NHS system and suffering extreme pain for years, my only regret is not doing it sooner. I cannot recommend you, your team and Nuffield Leeds Hospital highly enough.


It was Dec 2017, I was 39 and considered myself fitter than most of my friends. I had regularly participated in all manner of sporting activities since childhood – football, athletics, running, golf, cycling, hill walking, skiing, climbing and Munro bagging.

Recently I’d noticed an aching tension type feeling in my left groin after most activity, and put it down to age and not stretching enough. It was only when I was wrestling with the kids on the floor, that I noticed I couldn’t bring my left thigh to my chest properly. I’d bend both legs, but at 90degrees the left thigh/leg then clearly moved away from parallel out to the side.

Hip impingement was diagnosed and I was referred to Consultant Jon Conroy. Jon spoke honestly and openly about my options, confirming a total hip replacement was my best option. Jon had recently started using the Robot assisted surgery technique, and advised the results from other cases were great. I was still extremely nervous and couldn’t believe I was going to have a hip replacement at 39 - I thought it was something my dads generation had! Jons absolute confidence in his ability and the technology available put my mind at rest, and I underwent the op in late Jan 2018.

It is now March 2019 and I cannot believe how far I have come in just over 12 months. I was walking within 10hours of the operation, climbing the stairs with crutches after 24hours, walking unaided after a few weeks, and back cycling after 12 weeks. In the following months of 2018 I was back walking in the Dales, and I cycled 1800miles including the hilly 80mile White Rose Classic. In Feb 2019 I was able to ski for a week with my family, with no worries or thoughts about my hip at all.

I cannot thank Jon Conroy and his team enough. His belief, skill and confidence his ability combined with the technology, throughout the whole process was fantastic, and I am back doing the activities I love. Thanks again Jon.


At the beginning of the year my mobility had deteriorated such that I could only walk a few steps unaided. Over a period of 3 years I had exhausted all other avenues to find a solution to my problem when I was recommended to see Jon Conroy who I was relieved to find was able to diagnosis the problem immediately. A few weeks later I had a complete left hip replacement at Nuffield Leeds using the robot assisted surgery procedure. I was up and walking later that day and have progressed steadily since. In May I had the same procedure carried out on my right hip as this had also deteriorated significantly. I now have no pain and I can get my life back. I would have no hesitation in having the two procedures carried out 14 weeks apart; in fact if the theatre had been available we were looking at 10 weeks. I can’t thank Jon and his team enough,


I just thought I would let you know that I am back from my holiday having walked just short of 100 miles with no problems whatsoever with my hip.

It was hard going. Every day seemed to consist of climbing steeply for an hour or so then going down rocky paths and repeating it until we reached our destination.

Thank you for your care over the past months.


In March 2018 I had a THR performed by Jon Conroy using robotic arm-assisted surgery. As a keen hockey player, yoga practitioner, walker and trekker of 66 years of age, I had struggled to run for about a year and had lost some flexibility on my right side, which turned out to be severe oesteoarthritis of the hip with macerated labrum. At the consultation Jon and I came to an agreement that we would aim for me to be back on the hockey pitch after 14 weeks. That positive outlook gave me all the incentive I needed!

I was surprised that I was able to stand without discomfort as soon as I was at home after surgery and started walking the next day with two crutches, as well as regularly doing all the exercises. In less than a week I had reached 3km with the aid of one crutch and continued to go out walking round York every day.

After 3 weeks I walked over 5km unaided and in the following week was doing light gym activities, as well as umpiring two 40-minute hockey matches. Signed off by the physiotherapist, after 5 weeks I walked for 3 consecutive days in the Dales over rough moorland 8-9 miles each day. This led on to participation in gym classes such as abdominals and box-fit, as well as using the cross-trainer and stepper.

By 8 weeks I was cycling in Holland and going to circuit classes (just avoiding impact hops), and after 9 weeks I was back to my love of leading walks covering 8-12 miles daily in the Dales. My next challenge after 10 weeks was to return to mountain walking: Cadair Idris and Aran Fawddwy in South Snowdonia, 12-16 miles with over 1000m of ascent – no problem! This was immediately followed by a week of walking on the Gower Peninsular, by which time the magic 12 weeks arrived when I was allowed to flex my hip and I could take up yoga and hockey again.

Whilst my hip problem meant I had had to withdraw from selection for England Over 65s hockey team, with recovery I could still participate for LX Ladies in the trophy competition. The final challenge was met when in June, as captain, I played 6 matches in 9 days in Barcelona in the Grand Masters competition, fulfilling the original agreement.

I cannot speak highly enough of the treatment I received from Jon Conroy, not just in respect of the operation itself which was clearly a great success, but also the confidence that he instilled in me which gave me the determination to work towards restoring fully my mobility and flexibility. The future is looking very rosy! Thank you!


I had a robotic-assisted total hip replacement five weeks ago and am recovering well!. I knew I needed a hip replacement three years ago but was very reluctant to have it done; it seemed such a big decision and it worried me that I might not be able to rock climb again.

I eventually decided to really find out what would be involved and made an appointment with the Yorkshire Hip Clinic to see surgeon Jon Conroy. Having spoken to Jon, I was reassured that going ahead with the replacement was the right thing to do; his surgical skill and expertise combined with his knowledge and commitment to use the latest robotic-assisted equipment was the reassurance I needed. Using a top surgeon assisted by robotic technology seemed to me to be the perfect way to ensure the best possible surgical outcome and maximize my chances of climbing again!!. After only five weeks, I already have far more movement in my hip than I did before and am looking forward to getting back to training as soon as my recovery is complete. Thanks to Jon and all the staff who have looked after me.


For anyone in pain and thinking about hip arthroscopy, I would highly recommend a consultation with Jon.

Within 3 weeks of first seeing Jon , he completed hip arthroscopy on both of my hips.

Jon was recommended as the pain in my hips had worsened over the past year. Unable to sleep through the night or walking even the shortest distance without pain, was no longer an option. And not forgetting the limp I had acquired.

In my first consultation I felt confident that I would be able to resume everyday activities once more.

It was so refreshing to have someone listen, explain, take into account any concerns, then take the approach of "this is the actual cause of the pain and this is the option suitable for you". Repairing of labral tears and removal of excess bone from the hip bones.

Every part of the decision and process from pre operation, operation and aftercare, was discussed. All the time ensuring I was consulted with and any concerns instantly addressed.

Needing the surgery on both hips, I estimated this would be a lengthy process and even longer recovery. Setting aside 3 months for recovery. I could not have been more wrong. Within 3 weeks I had both hips operated on and in both cases, walking without crutches after only a few days.

It's now 5 weeks from the day of my first operation and I having nothing but complete gratitude. I'm pain free, have a full nights sleep, able to walk without a limp and don't have to stop to sit down.

Thank you for all the care, skill and attention you have shown towards me. To say I'm completely amazed and overjoyed with the results of the surgery on both hips and in such a short time frame, is an understatement and testament to you.

I would also like to mention the extraordinary medical team and hospital staff for their kindness and providing seamless, world class care.


I ran the Leeds 10km this summer, getting around in 54 mins 10 secs.

I'd wanted to test out the metal hip and prove something to myself, basically to see if it could be done. It was absolutely fine - clearly testament to a fine piece surgical skill by your good self! Also, raised just under £3k for the Jane Tomlinson charity.

A fine piece surgical skill by your good self


Jon Conroy performed a total hip replacement for me. Before the op I was in constant pain with limited movement. Since I have been pain free, recommenced my skiing, gym and horse riding.

This has totally given me my life back. I could not recommend Jon Conroy enough.

This has totally given me my life back


For the last 5 years I have been training and competing in martial arts. I have competed in Europe as part of the World Association of Kickboxing. Organisations (WAKO) Great Britain team and have achieved multiple gold, silver and bronze medals along with CIMAC Super league Champion of 2013 and British Champion for my weight category of -46kg.

In September 2013, at the age of 15 following a training session and arriving home I was in excruciating pain and after seeing a physiotherapist and having an MRI scan a labrum tear was discovered in my left hip.

I was then referred to Jon Conroy who performed a hip arthroscopy in December 2013. Physiotherapy followed with Adrian Moore at Nuffield Hospital York and I was back in the gym by March very slowly regaining my confidence and ability to raise my leg again. By August my leg was back to full use and full strength, however during this time I had concerns about my right hip as the same symptoms were occurring.

At the end of November 2014 I had my follow up appointment with Mr Conroy for my left hip at which time I mentioned what was going on in my right hip. We discussed all the options and we both agreed another operation was needed before my hip got any worse.

The surgery was performed successfully in December 2014 and I was surprised to hear that the damage was much more severe than we thought.

I have now resumed physiotherapy with Adrian Moore in York and I am recovering well with very little pain in my hip. I now hope I recover like last time and get back to training as soon as possible to continue competing in the years to come.

I would like to thank Jon Conroy for doing such a good job, I would recommend him to anyone!

I would also like to thank Dr Brian Withington for just being generally lovely and dealing with my fear of needles, he really supported me through it. Last but not least I would like to thank Adrian Moore for his support and encouragement throughout both operations, he makes physio enjoyable.

Would recommend to anyone


After struggling for two years with hip pain during running and cycling I was lucky to be recommended and referred to Jon Conroy. The hip arthroscopy that he performed has enabled me to enjoy running and cycling again and even compete occasionally. Before the operation, six years ago, I had virtually stopped running. Because of Jon’s help I have had more active years than would have been the case without his intervention and I can’t thank him enough.

Back running again and can’t thank you enough


Thanks again for performing my hip operation. Only 8 months afterwards I cycled 500km from the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara. It was a fantastic trip with really tough cycling virtually all the way. We have another cycling trip to Bali booked for this year.

Cycling 500km just 8 months after my hip operation


In February 2014 I slipped and fell which resulted in a very painful hip when I walked. I put off seeking medical advice for a few months in the hope that it would sort itself out. Eventually I consulted my doctor who mentioned that there was a possibility it was a labral tear.

Needless to say I Googled it and the symptoms did appear to be indicative of her diagnosis. I was referred to the Musclular Skeletal team who seemed prepared to label the injury as anything other than a labral tear. However I stuck to my guns and insisted on a scan which confirmed the tear. There followed a course of cortisone injections which gave me a little relief from the tendonitis that had been triggered but it was only a temporary remedy. Exploring my options further I was shocked to discover that the NHS do not, as a rule, fund labral tear operations on patients over the age of 50yrs. As I was 60 at the time it seemed that a complete accident had catapulted me into old age and my only hope would be putting up with the pain until I was old enough to have a hip replacement.

And then I was referred to Dr Conroy.

Despite it being against the normal funding dictates of the NHS he took a very pragmatic, common sense view. I was otherwise fit and healthy and fully appreciative of the risks and possible outcomes and he realised that doing nothing would ultimately cost the NHS much more money that the cost of repairing the tear. On that basis and with a view to me regaining my previous quality of life Dr Conroy carried out the Arthroscopy.

I am so thankful he did. I recovered very, very quickly and with only discomfort not pain and less than months after the op I was back to normal and able to again enjoy taking my very active young dog on energetic walks.

Thank you Dr Conroy and team for your commitment to improving peoples’ lives, your commitment to excellence and for using the NHS rules for guidance and not blind obedience. And for anyone over 50 with this type of injury - never take no for an answer!

So grateful for Clinic’s dedication to improving lives


It's been 18 months since my hip replacement in May 2012 and I just wanted to tell you what a difference the surgery has made in my life.

We went on our first hiking trip to Italy recently. Before the surgery a trail that was marked 1 1/2 hours to trek took me about 3 1/2 hours. But now it only takes a couple of hours for a hike like that and at the end of hiking I'm not exhausted and debilitated. I do a lot of walking as I live in a rural area of Germany with no pain and I could walk 1-2 hours every day of the week if I wanted. I feel great.

Also I am a yoga teacher and I'm happy to report that I can do almost all the poses I could do prior to the surgery. I started practicing about 4 months after the surgery, but it was excruciatingly painful. I was not able to really begin practicing until about 9 months after the replacement. At 11 months after the replacement I started teaching yoga again. I can even sit in lotus position now (cross-legged). However, lunges are still a little difficult but I'm getting stronger all the time.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know what a success the surgery was and how much I appreciate you doing your best work on me.

Back teaching yoga 18 months after my hip replacement


I would just like to feedback on my recovery since you performed my operation to repair a labral tear. After my 3 month post op consultation with you when all was progressing well I returned to steady running and building mileage. This has progressed very well and I completed the Great North Run, where I was able to not only take part, but achieve a time matching that prior to the operation and less than a minute off my PB. I am convinced with further time to train I will be significantly quicker. Whilst running I have been suffering no significant discomfort and no pain after competing or in bed.

Please accept my sincere thanks for your work in repairing the damage to my hip in such a way that I have been able to recover to pre injury levels in 5 months. If you have any highly active sports patients with a similar injury who would like reassurance or discuss the recovery process I experienced in getting back to fitness please let me know and I would happily discuss my case with them!

Personal best at Great North Run after hip tear surgery


Mr Jon Conroy performed my hip arthroscopy surgery to repair a labral tear and to remove the excess bone around my hip socket that had caused the tear. I am absolutely delighted with the results. At 8 weeks post-op, the severe unremitting hip pain I experienced for nearly a year has gone, my range of movement is much better and I am looking forward to getting back to cycling, horse-riding and a generally active life again. After having to limit my activities for so long, I can honestly say I feel like I'm getting my life back. The hip is getting better every day.

Mr Conroy is a highly skilled surgeon in the field of hip arthroscopy surgery and he really listens to his patients and shows real understanding and empathy.

Thank you Mr Conroy, I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

Hip surgery to repair tear has given me my life back


12 weeks after my hip replacement I had returned to Greece and joined a group which gathered for a walk on Pendeli, a mountain to the north of Athens at 8am in to avoid the summer heat. The walk was described as ‘of medium difficulty, though not long, the path is rough and the ascent is 350m’.

This is to tell you how thrilled I was to be able to do this without any pain whatsoever – and I wasn’t one of the last - and I wasn’t one of those who didn’t do the uphill bits – and yes, I was the oldest. Just to let you know how good it felt and to share the satisfaction of the outcome of the hip replacement only 12 weeks ago.

Thank you very much for giving me back a very satisfying part of my life.

Mountain climbing 12 weeks after my hip replacement


Following a moped accident at 16 years old, I had to finish participating in my hobbies, I was no longer able to continue with these due to the pain that I was experiencing. I endured 2 years of doctors’ appointments, X-rays, MRI scans, physiotherapy, ultrasounds steroid injections. Many diagnosis were indicated over the 2 years however after further tests I was told that nothing was actually wrong with me.

As a result of the accident and excruciating pain I was feeling I ended up having to have counselling. I was going mad, how could I have all this pain, everyone telling me there was no medical evidence to confirm the reason for the pain, yet I knew 100% there was something wrong. That's when I came across Mr Conroy.

Mr Conroy suggested a hip arthroscopy operation of which I was really nervous and worried about. I was operated on at 18 years old in late June 2015, we are now in August 2015 and I am already driving, fishing, walking unaided, no medication and best of all pain free. Mr Conroy found a labral tear which he managed to repair with a few stitches. I have to continue with physiotherapy for a while to strengthen and build everything back up. You have to be patient with your recovery and make sure you keep up with your physiotherapy.

I can’t thank Mr Conroy and his team enough, he has given me back my life, physically and emotionally.

Operation at 18 has given me my life back – I am so grateful


I must say I'm very pleased with the outcome of the hip surgery I have had from Mr Conroy. I'm 18 years old and was passed about by the NHS for nearly 2 years but as soon as I came to Mr Conroy he reviewed my problem and was able to perform surgery after roughly 2 months of seeing me.

I had the surgery and was able to walk after 6 weeks. Now it's been 6 months and I'm very happy that my hip is much better and mostly pain free. Once you have the surgery you just have to keep up with the medication, keep staying active by walking now and again so you don't stiffen up and not to stay in one place for too long. Also strengthening your hip and legs after you are more or less walking and then you will realise how much it was worth having the surgery done.

Now I'm back to boxing full time training 6 times a week and having no problems at all. For that I would like to thank Mr Conroy and his team for their services and performing surgery on me, it has really made my life so much better. No more stress and no more problems.

Thanks so much!

Nothing from NHS in 2 years, sorted in 2 months with your help


In October 2013 I began to feel a burning sensation on the top of my right thigh, every time I sat down, which could only be called frustrating with the office job I currently hold. The pain was affecting both my work and focus which in my current capacity was difficult as the deadlines were tight and the workload extensive. After visiting Adrian Moore, a physio at the Nuffield Health Hospital in York, I was referred to Jon Conroy to discuss the idea of having a Hip Arthroscopy operation to correct my problem. Unaware of what this may entail I was apprehensive but Jon was fantastic in both clarifying the detail behind the procedure and also calming me down from being the worrier I am!

Two weeks after the initial appointment I underwent the operation which fixed my hip impingement and torn labrum. Things went extremely well and I am now currently on the road to recovery which is going equally as smooth. I started with the crutches which I only needed for a week instead of the recommended two and I was out walking lengthy distances also after a week to keep the movement in the joint. I am now into week four after my operation and although I have had a few twinges and pains, the symptoms have not returned and this leaves me with a positive attitude. I must say that although I was desperate to get back to work having the prescribed time off helps as it means you are not pushing yourself too far too quickly. I can only advise listening and taking note of what Jon says, as it is only for your benefit even though I wish I could have disagreed when it came to work.

In summary I can’t thank Jon enough for his efforts and I can’t recommend his services enough should you begin to experience symptoms like mine. A further mention must also go to my current physio, Mr Adrian Moore, who not only forwarded me on to Jon but has been fantastic in developing a program that supports me in every way. If you are from York or the surrounding areas an appointment with him is where you should turn first.

Thanks once again!

I can’t recommend your expertise enough – thank you


I just wanted to express my thanks to all concerned with my recent hip replacement. The whole experience at The Duchy was great from start to finish with everyone being so helpful and attentive.

My operation has been a great success and it is wonderful to be pain free. I cannot believe how quick and straightforward my recovery to date has been. I was nervous of having the procedure as I am only 51 but I am glad I went ahead and grateful for your reassurance and skill as a surgeon.

Seven weeks post op yesterday and we are tonight treating ourselves with a short stay at Swinton Park, so lovely to be back doing normal and nice things. As I am now back driving, my next big goal is to be back on my horses in 5 weeks’ time.

As you know I have been seeing Tom Gooden for ongoing physiotherapy and feel that this as also greatly helped with my recovery. Once again thank you, I can now get on with life!

Best wishes

Whole experience was great from start to finish


I underwent a hip arthroscopy with Jon Conroy at the BMI Duchy Harrogate in March 2014 to fix a hip impingement and torn labrum. I'm happy to report that everything went very well and my recovery has been smooth.

After the operation I only needed crutches for 1 week, and was able to get back in the gym for light exercise after 2 weeks. After 4 months I am now able to hike for extended periods of time and can manage steep up and down hill walking without a problem. I've also recently started running again. I am now more or less pain free in my hip apart from occasional discomfort following sitting for extended periods or a long drive, which is fantastic especially considering my surgery was only 4 months ago.

The treatment I received from Jon was excellent and I was given full and honest information on what to expect during the operation and subsequent recovery. I would highly recommend Jon if you are in need of a hip arthroscopy! I would also like to mention that I've been rigorous in following the post-op physio programme set by Jon and monitored by my excellent physio Stacey Lalande at Physiofit in Horsforth, Leeds - and I'm sure this has aided my quick recovery.

My recovery has been smooth and my treatment was excellent


Jon Conroy performed hip arthroscopy surgery to repair a hip labral tear and to remove the excess bone around my hip socket that had caused the tear. I am absolutely delighted with the results. At 8 weeks post-op, the severe unremitting hip pain I experienced for nearly a year has gone, my range of movement is much better and I am looking forward to getting back to cycling, horse-riding and a generally active life again. After having to limit my activities for so long, I can honestly say I feel like I’ve been given my life back. The hip is getting better every day. Mr Conroy is a highly skilled surgeon in the field of hip arthroscopy surgery, but I feel importantly, he really listens to his patients and shows real understanding and empathy. Thank you Mr Conroy, I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

Pain which I had suffered for a year was gone within 8 weeks

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