Yoga after total hip replacement

Many patients ask questions about the benefits and risks after hip replacement. It’s advisable to recommence Yoga / Pilates 3 months after hip replacement. Always take advise of an instructor and recommence slowly.

Mr Jon Conroy

Linda describes her experience of returning to Yoga after a robotic assisted total hip replacement:

"After total hip replacement most teachers will welcome you back to classes after 12 weeks post when there is much less risk of dislocation. I certainly felt ready by then having continued the recommended exercises for recovery, including the all-important bridge pose.

As I was again able to bring both knees to my chest, I found that I could do most yoga postures comfortably, including child pose, seated twists, forward/side/back bends, kneeling, standing poses and shoulder stand.  I found it challenging to keep hips level doing Warrior III (one foot pose) but that improved with practice, and knew I was not ready for bound side angle pose (I had been warned by one teacher not to rush into advanced standing binds).

It is about listening to your body by moving into postures gradually and with full awareness - that way it is enjoyable and avoids risk of injury.  I found that yoga, especially warrior poses, helped to strengthen the muscles around my leg and hip which had weakened due to the former hip injury, and was delighted that full mobility returned enabling me to participate fully in yoga classes."

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