Harrogate Hospital issues video goggles for patients

Hospital patients are being given special video goggles to wear which show movies as they undergo operations.

Harrogate Hospital said it believed it was the only one in the UK to use the goggles, which allow orthopaedic patients to watch films during surgery.

Surgeons said the device distracted patients and reduced the need for sedation other than local anaesthetic.

The goggles were being used during the likes of knee and hip replacement operations, the hospital said.

It introduced the goggles at the end of last year.

One patient, who did not give her full name, said she watched the musical Mamma Mia! during her surgery. "It just felt good, I had no problem", she explained.

'More relaxed'

Mr Jon Conroy, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, said: "This system of video goggles has been really useful for our patients.

"It puts their minds at ease, takes them into a different world.

"We have seen real evidence of them becoming more relaxed. If they are relaxed then we are relaxed and the operation goes much more smoothly."

He said a local anaesthetic was preferable to a general one and allowed patients to recover more quickly.

Mr Conroy added: "Currently if patients are nervous they have a sedative and that can make some people feel a little bit drowsy or ill.

"If they can use the goggles they don't have to use sedation, we don't have complications with sickness or nausea afterwards and they are alert throughout the procedure."

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